Josh Wick is an independent filmmaker and producer from Brooklyn, NY. He founded the independent production company imperfectfilms in 1997.

Wick’s feature film work includes: co-producing AINU MOSIR (Stray Dog), Special Jury Winner at the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival,  AMBITION’S DEBT (Streampix, 2019) and OBIT (Kino-Lorber, 2017);  and the role of executive producer on OUT OF MY HAND (Array, 2016) and WENDELL AND THE LEMON (2017) . Wick is writer, director and producer of FRANCIS OF BROOKLYN (Eye Film Releasing, 2012) and writer and co-producer of THE ASSASSIN (Cinetic Media, 2007).

As a performer, Mr. Wick was lead and co-creator of Art Group 705‘s short film Earworm (’16). Additional on screen roles include principles in the Powers Brothers’ short Well (’17), Fifth Column Features’ films WHITE CREEK (2014) and ORPHANED (2013), as well as the Takeshi Fukunaga shorts K (’09) and Hole in the Sky (’07).

Wick was a founding member of the Spectacle Theater film collective in Brooklyn, NY.