Little Flowers

Little Flowers is a series of web-exclusive short videos, supplemental to the feature film Francis of Brooklyn.


“The Backpacker”


A mysterious traveler (Michael Cuomo, “Happy New Year“) comes looking for Father Sylvester (Basil Rodericks), explaining that he has urgent business with Francis but does not want to disturb him while he is deep in prayer in the park. Sylvester initially refuses to see the visitor but relents when Francis (Mig Feliciano) commands him to do so. With Mark MacElhiney and Devin E. Haqq.


“Friars James and Juniper Beg for Food”

A typical morning for brothers James (Lawrence Krauser) and Juniper (Joseph Pascutazz). The friars stop in at their favorite restaurant to see if anyone might be of a charitable spirit. With Matthew Murumba and Lea Ostner.

“The Young Man”

“The Young Man” : An eager Young Man (James Edward Shippy), an early convert to Francis’ fraternal vow of poverty, receives a donation of Mexican takeaway, but only after a demoralizing at the hands of a coked-out yuppie (Eric M. Eskenazi). That night, Francis (Mig Feliciano) uses the food to teach them all (Charles Everett, Kurt Rodeghiero) a lesson.


Poverty is fraternity.