A Paranoid’s Guide to History: Promotional Trailer.

The promotional trailer for A PARANOID’S GUIDE TO HISTORY, written by and featuring Dr. W, shot and edited by Mr. J., premiered as part of the opening gala for THE BRICK THEATRE’s THE FILM FESTIVAL: A THEATER FESTIVAL, 2008.


Got War?

Created by Mr. J specifically for the lecture “got war?”, this tryptich video montage was projected silently as one element of A PARANOID’S GUIDE TO HISTORY’s multimedia production.

The lecture “got war?” was originally presented April 12th and 19th, 2007, at UNDER St. Mark’s in New York City.

The video is here accompanied by selections from Philip Glass’ soundtrack for the motion picture Koyaanisqatsi.


Intermission: CATS Live Mix, April 12, 2007

Mr. J mixes footage of the institute’s cats, during the intermission for A PARANOID’S GUIDE TO HISTORY. INRECO’S intention is to alleviate any possible ‘fight or flight’ responses which may have been triggered among members of the audience during the show’s first act.

Eric M. Eskenazi wrote and composed the score, “Meow Song”, (c) copyright 2007.


A PARANOID’S GUIDE TO HISTORY: Intermission: War of the Worlds

Mr. J presents a mix from the INRECO multimedia library for the intermission of the June 13th, 22nd and 28th, 2008 performances of A PARANOID’S GUIDE TO HISTORY.

Orson Welles’ Mercury Theater broadcast is synchronized with a government informational documentary on spiders.



An excerpt from the full 51:21 piece which was televised on stage as part of A PARANOID’S GUIDE TO HISTORY’S multimedia performances of June 13, 22 and 28, 2008.


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