Ambition’s Debt launches Kickstarter Campaign!


“I am very pleased to announce the launch of our official Kickstarter Campaign to fund the feature film project, AMBITION’S DEBT! This is where it get’s interesting and things move into high gear. Check it out and the great rewards being offered. Help us spread the word and bring this project to life.”
Devin E. Haqq, actor/ director/ producer, Ambition’s Debt.

The Story:

Set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic world, the story follows the downfall of Rome’s most honored citizen, Marcus Brutus, as he conspires to assassinate Julius Caesar in order to forestall tyranny and preserve democracy.

The Production:

The vision is to secure some sort of large Industrial Warehouse/Factory type space, probably in Brooklyn or Queens, and shoot the entire film inside this facility. Our production designer will create a set that can be manipulated to represent the various locations of the story. To that end, lighting and sound design will be key in setting the tone and establishing locations. The point won’t be to hide the fact that we are in a warehouse, but rather embrace it as the stage for our “play”.

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New Poster for Wendell and the Lemon!

10712833_732031206884584_3044830361777117615_n“Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival has been SPLENDID so far. Actual human beings, apparently! Right there in my inbox. And I’ve find my interest in the film itself has been piqued, looked at it today, was struck again by its primitive feel, as if no one had actually bothered to direct it, yet I quite enjoyed it. Larissa: Yes, it’s like— Me: Fauvist, fauvoid… Larissa: Rousseau… Me: Yes! But Rousseau—don’t you think he was at least consistent within a harmonious palette, while our film’s director… Larissa: Like what do you call it when an animal dies on a highway— Me: Roadkill. Larissa: Roadkill cubism. Me: That’s harsh . . . Well surely only elks, gazelles…?”

– Lawrence Krauser, director, Wendell and the Lemon

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Wendell and the Lemon Official Selection of TBUFF

“A film is born when first thought of, and then really it’s all gruel-sprinkled salad days till final cut; at least this is how our film feels to me. The rest is Afterlife! And what better way to kick off the afterlife for our happy, kooky project than at the Tampa Bay Underground Festival in early December? A festival I submitted to simply because I loved their home-page image of a python strangling, or possibly making love to, an alligator (what an extraordinary position). This is Year One of the TBUFF, so the terrain is entirely Unknown, and for all I know we are the only film in the festival, but I must say I am enjoying the process so far. Their emails are charming, playful, direct, and paint a picture of both enthusiasm and competence. Also, the screen will be big. I am delighted. I realize very few of us, if any, will be able to attend. But our afterlife is only beginning, and afterlives tend to be infinite. I will of course let you all know more as the knowledge comes in. Till very soon!”

- Lawrence Krauser, director, Wendell and the Lemon