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Ainu Mosir Ad on NYC Cabs

ARRAY has partnered with Lyft and Zoom to promote the 11/17 Netflix release of AINU MOSIR. Stills from the movie are available as a virtual background on Zoom AND the ads of the movie can be seen on top of thousands of taxis driving in NYC!  

Ainu Mosir debuts in Tokyo!

Tokyo’s opening weekend of AINU MOSIR was a great turnout! Director Takeshi Fukunaga was happy to be there with the amazing cast. 16 year old Mikito Shimokura, who played the lead role in his first attempt at acting, took the stage and recalled, “I couldn’t imagine this happening when the director talked to me.”

Ainu Mosir at GIFF, MAFF ’20

Ainu Mosir is selected for the international feature section at Guanajuato Int ‘ Film Festival. The screening dates are 9/21 and 9/26. Ainu Mossi has also been selected as the international long-Length division of the Mexican Arafat Film Festival, which will be held this month. Screening date will be 9/21 and 9/26.

“The Mark” at LAIFF Shorts Fest

“The Mark” is an official selection of the LA Shorts International Film Festival. We will be screening as part of their horror section sometime in October (dates TBA). Unfortunately, because of COVID, we won’t get the experience of an in-person LA Premiere. LA Shorts Fest, like many others, is transitioning to an online event this […]