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Ainu Mosir EP Soundtrack!

The EP of music tracks Clarice Jensen composed for ‘Ainu Mosir’ is now released! It’s available on platforms Bandcamp and Spotify. Bandcamp Spotify Ainu Mosir

Ainu Mosir debuts in Tokyo!

Tokyo’s opening weekend of AINU MOSIR was a great turnout! Director Takeshi Fukunaga was happy to be there with the amazing cast. 16 year old Mikito Shimokura, who played the lead role in his first attempt at acting, took the stage and recalled, “I couldn’t imagine this happening when the director talked to me.”

Ainu Mosir US Release

Our co-production of Takeshi Fukunaga’s second feature, Ainu Mosir, will be released in North America by Ava DuVernay’s ARRAY! Ainu Mosir be on Netflix on November 17 and play theatrically in select cities throughout the month. “Grateful to work with Ava again to bring this movie into the world,” says director Fukunaga. Japanese theatrical release […]