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Out of My Hand Japanese Theatrical Release

Super excited that Out of My Hand will be finally released in Japan this summer! The theatrical release will kick off at アップリンク / uplink in Tokyo on August 5th, before opening in theaters throughout Japan. Here is the Japanese version of the movie’s website: ファイスブック映画リベリアの白い血-1522341734503133 ツイッター

Out of My Hand Ghana Screening

Out of My hand will have it’s first screening in Africa 6:30PM, October 4th at the Goethe Institute Ghana. 皆様 映画「Out of My Hand」のアフリカ初上映が10月4日にガーナで決定しました!詳細なスケジュールは上記英文でご確認ください。 いつも応援していただきありがとうございます。 今後ともどうぞよろしくお願いします。

“Out of My Hand” Nominated for John Cassavetes Spirit Award

imperfectfilms co-production, “Out of My Hand“, is nominated for a John Cassavetes Spirit Award, given to the writer, director and producer(s) of a feature made for under $500,000! The nomination specifically recognizes the talents of writer/ director Takeshi Fukunaga, writer/ producer Donari Braxton and producer Mike Fox. “I’m speechless… This is just incredible,” wrote director Takeshi Fukunaga. “I’m happy […]

Devin Haqq Pens “Black Characters Matter” for Huffington Post

Director Devin E. Haqq (“Ambition’s Debt“) has written an illuminating article for Huffington Post on the subject of minority representation in contemporary film, “Black Characters Matter“: ‘By re-imagining the bodies and voices of these historical white figures as people of color, Miranda sends the message to all viewers, both persons of color and white folks, […]

Official Poster for “Out Of My Hand” !

Have you seen the official poster for “Out of My Hand” yet? It’s designed by amazing Version Industries! “Out of My Hand” takes viewers inside the humble life of Liberian rubber plantation worker, Cisco. Severe working conditions, failed unionization and corporate corruption ultimately drive him away from his family and his country to the foreign streets […]

Ava DuVernay’s ARRAY Acquires “Out of my Hand”

We are thrilled to announce that Out of My Hand will be released as the first title under the new label, ARRAY, led by Ava DuVernay (“Selma”), this fall. We are So happy that the film will find more audience through this wonderful team! LA Times: “Aiming to diversify storytelling, Ava DuVernay expands scope of […]