The Girl of His Dreams. The Cult of Hers.


Lonely and directionless, John rekindles a romance with lost (and damaged) high school sweetheart Mina, only to discover she is now deeply emeshed in a secretive cult. When he too finds himself influenced by suggestions that the group’s sinister ‘godhead’ enters his followers’ dreams, John vows to free them both from the gravitational pull of the mysterious ‘Transcender Consciousness’.


Emboldened by the burst of optimism after Obama’s recent election, John, neurotic and shy, reconnects with fragile high school sweetheart Mina. With dizzying speed, John finally lives out a long nurtured fantasy of saving the lost Mina from her malaise.

John soon suspects danger, however, when he learns of Mina’s recent history with the secretive leader of a New Age group, a mysterious ‘godhead’ who claims to inhabit the dreams of his followers. As John works to pry them both from the cult’s authoritarian grip, his own dreams too begin to be haunted by appearances of the sinister Roger-Smith.