HuffPost Obit Rave

Thanks HuffPost! OBIT is now on DVD & BluRay and on iTunes and Amazon. Watch this weekend!

“Soon people will be writing the obituary for newspapers (not to mention a free press). Of course, one not so secret fact is that someone has already prepared the obituary for such an august institution as print media, just as they prepare obituaries for famous folk before they’re dying, even going so far as to politely interview said famous person in the twilight of their years, with both interviewer and subject knowing full well why they’re there” you’ll die one day soon and we will be writing your epitaph. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of interviewing people in preparation for their obituary. But the old-fashioned documentary Obit shows there’s a lot more to be fascinated by when it comes to the obituary department of the New York Times, from the people working there to how they create fitting memorials to people they love and (even harder) perhaps sometimes hate. Anyone who is an avid reader of obituaries like myself will dive right in. Just don’t write the obit for straightforward, no-fuss documentaries like this one any time soon.”

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