Ambition’s Debt World Premiere at ABFF

The world premier of Ambition’s Debt will take place this year in Miami, FL at the American Black Film Festival (ABFF), June 14th – 18th. ABFF is an annual event dedicated to showcasing quality film and television content by and about people of African descent, and supporting emerging artists to diversify the images and storytellers working in the entertainment industry.

Our movie will have two screenings during ABFF between June 15 and 17, exact screening dates/times TBD. For more information about the ABFF schedule and events click the link below:

ABFF Schedule

Obit at Chicago’s DOC10

A very big thank you to our friends at Boulder International Film Festival, Portland Film Festival, Northwest Film Center, and Sedona International Film Festival – so grateful to be part of these extraordinary programs and communities.

And we are very excited to announce Obit‘s next screenings at Chicago’s DOC10,Wisconsin Film Festival, Fargo Film Festival – and this coming Saturday at the very wonderful The Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival!

Obit at Boulder IFF

Encore screening in Portland! Third screening added in Sedona! Three screenings in Boulder with special in-person guests! Boulder International Film Festival, Northwest Film Center and Sedona International Film Festival.


‘Earworm’ Now Streaming

Art Group 705‘s “Earworm” (12 mins, 2016), a short film by Assol Abdullina, Talgat Berikov and Josh Wick, shot on location in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, in 24 hours with a budget of $20, is now available to stream!

The film premiered as part of Art Group 705‘s Olgon-Khorkhon Experimental Film Festival 2016.

A foreigner (Wick) comes to town for the first time. One morning he sees, it seems, a parasitic worm in the ear of his sleeping wife (Abdullina). With suspicion and paranoia, he explores the strange, new city. But who is infected, he or the unknown world around him?

Washington Post Obit Article

27-insider-obit-pc-PIC-superJumboObit is highlighted in The Washington Post.

“Obit,” Vanessa Gould’s lively documentary about the New York Times’s obituary section — which unfortunately doesn’t have a wide release date — is a timely look at, as obituarist Margalit Fox puts it in the film, “the precise point at which [a person] becomes history.”

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