Director Fukunaga on Ainu Mosir’s Special Jury Award at Tribeca

“My second feature film, Ainu Mosir won Special Jury Mention in International Narrative Competition at Tribeca! I never knew the actual meaning of this award before, but the artistic director of the festival told us that we were close to win the best film but got the second place in the end, so that’s what it means in this case. 🙂 Congrats to the entire cast and crew!”
— Filmmaker Takeshi Fukunaga

Ambition’s Debt Release

We are thrilled to announce an agreement with Gravitas Ventures to license Ambition’s Debt for availability on Streampix, an Xfinity Comcast Cable VOD platform.

In addition, the film is also now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. And we are finalizing the delivery process for iTunes and FlixFling. Pre-ordering on iTunes will be available March 1st (in advance of a March 15th release date).

It’s been quite a journey! Now this wonderful piece of art is poised to reach a much wider audience. Please help us spread the word about our film’s release and write a review on Amazon if you’re a Prime subscriber.

Thank you for the continued support and well wishes.

All the best,

Devin E. Haqq & the AD Team